SPACE SHOW: THREE meteor showers visible from Earth tonight as alpha Capricornid, southern delta Aquariid, and Perseid light up sky

Three meteor showers are visible in the sky as Alpha Capricornid, Southern delta Aquariid and Perseid illuminate the sky.

It is believed that the Earth currently traversing the debris of three comets according to the American Meteor Society (AMS).

The three are numbered 169P/NEAT, 96P/Machholz the 109P/Swift-Tuttle, they are expected to create those three mentioned meteor showers.

In total, these showers could produce as many as 20 meteors an hour, along with sprinkles of bright fireballs as per

It will appear at midnight local time.

Southern Delta Aquariid

It is believed that the Southern Delta Aquariid can best seen in the southern part of the tropics, and in 16 latitudes to the south, which cut through South America, Africa and Australia according to the AMS.

The agency has stated that views coming from in the Northern Hemisphere will be rare, but you have a greater chance of getting a glimpse the further south you travel.

The ideal time to view these showers is during the time of 2 to 4am.

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